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90secs With Dr. James & Dr. Evelyn Okpanachi

Motivation Monday

Thank God it’s Friday (TGF) or Thank God it’s Monday (TGM); Which of the two resonates the most with you? Why do the working class seem more excited about Fridays rather to Mondays? Could this be because they hate or do not make enough money from their jobs? There is an endless list of possible answers. However, data from the National Office of Statistics reveals over 70% of people hate the jobs they return to on Mondays.

Monday Motivation is Dr. James Okpanachi’s Leadership response to this problem. It is a Monday boost to be and break your best. The 90 secs pill will inspire you towards an enthusiastic week of productivity and prosperity. MM is not a live event so jump on the train @drjamesokpanachi on Instagram or RLC’s You-tube channel.

Leadership Wednesday

Over 54% of working Leaders are stressed reveals data from the American Psychologists Association. Could this be because of ambitious to-do lists; books to read, goals to score or tasks to close? The Leadership chase never seems to end. Finding the balance of life and leading seems impracticable. One side of Philosophy indicates 24hours as in-sufficient while the flip side points towards the lack of energy to stay working for most of the day as the reason for lack of fulfilment and achievement. Plainly put “Lack of time and stress” go hand in hand. 

Leadership Wednesday is Dr. J. O’s response to the no time or not enough time conundrum. This is not a substitute for intense leadership development and practice; however, it summarises and provides weekly transformational leadership tips in 90secs in a way only Dr. James can. Watch weekly updates on @drjamesokpanachi on Instagram or weekly Leadership uploads on RLC’s You-tube channel.

Entrepreneurship Friday

20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 30% in the second year, 50% after five years and 70% in their 10thyear. Common reasons include bankruptcy (29%), absence of a team for business (23%), outcompeted (19%), a lack of need for their product (42%) and cash flow problems (82%). In the bid to surf challenging times, Entrepreneurship Friday is Dr. James Okpanachi’s information response to this snag experienced by businesses and entrepreneurs. 90 secs of your time weekly will equip, empower and energize your business to the next level.

Organisations and Nations are only as productive as those that lead them. Its time strategize, optimize and maximize your Leadership potential.