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Our Mission

AASDC is the Arabian and African Strategic Development Consultancy.

AASDC is the Arabian and African Strategic Development Consultancy. AASDC is an extension of RIAPS-Royal Initiative Against Poverty and a subsidiary of the RLC-Royal Leadership Consults. AASDC is an ICT Management Consultancy designing, delivering and managing Technology to solve Health, Hunger and Housing problems.

AASDC is passionate about Personal, Political, Industrial, Social and National Development in Arabian and African communities. We currently operate from Dubai, Abuja and London. Our parent goals are to Digitalize, Industrialize and Monetize nations with twin targets of Empowerment and Development.

We believe in Transformation using Technology as a tool to Build Industry, Enhance Productivity and Eradicate Poverty. Our Founder/Chief Solution Architect and Lead Consultants have led Digital Transformation Programmes for the biggest and best in the Public and Private sector around the world to transform organisations.

Our Lead Consultants are all within the top 20% of their trade globally. Our current trajectory of travel, is transferring the same experience and expertise to transform Nations.

We currently partner with United Nations, Microsoft Centre of Excellence London, Microsoft partners, Governments, Economic and Social Actors & Investors, NGO’s, Local and Global stakeholders to make our Arabian-African dream a reality.

Organisations and Nations are only as productive as those that lead them. Its time strategize, optimize and maximize your Leadership potential.