To consistently raise leaders who lead with integrity, fairness, humility, and clear and honest communication. Royal Leadership Consults provides leadership opportunities for not only our members but external clients. From leadership assessment to leadership courses offered in person as well as virtually to mentoring opportunities, be it reverse or traditional, RLC can help you meet your leadership goals and improve your leadership skills.


Our Values are our core beliefs as an organisation;


  • We focus is on building our clients’ strengths to achieve their Leadership goals.
  • We are ethical in conducting our business, our ethics and integrity are non-negotiable.
  • We are honest and transparent in all our dealings.
  • We help leaders dare to make a real difference in the world by leading effectively.
  • We are empathetic to our clients needs, seeking to fully understand our clients’ world views; needs, expectations, opportunities and challenges.
  • We work with our leaders to set the appropriate pace and make timely decisions.